Our Instructors....Experience Matters!

20+ Years of Quality Music Education

The Music Institute is dedicated to the music education of each of our students. Incorporating theory-based music instruction, proper technique, musicianship, ear training, and one-on-one coaching, our teachers will provide the necessary instruction to help each student recognize their unique potential. The Music Institute strives to create a positive learning atmosphere and promote confidence in our students making learning enjoyable and fun!

Month to Month Contract

You won't need to worry about being locked into a semester contract. Our lessons run on a month-to-month basis, so your only commitment is through the following calendar month. We feel certain you'll agree that the Music Institute of Roseville is the place to go for quality music instruction.

Individual lessons

The Music Institute of Roseville is well staffed to provide you with a wide range of musical instruction in a one-on-one private music lesson in which students are helped to achieve their musical goals by incorporating ear training, musicianship, technique, sight reading and/or sight singing into every lesson. While maintaining a strong emphasis on the musical fundamentals and technique, our teachers gear lessons towards the genre that most interests the student.